05 October 2016

The Landscape of a Glitch or Mistake?

I spent time writing up a detail description of the small landscape in the photograph above and below. I viewed it. I published it. I edited and updated that post. It was there on my blog.
Yet, when I open the page again, the entire post is not only missing, its not on my list of posts.
Blogger has a sometimes glitch where after you edit and click on Update, a blank post screen is generated. The original post goes through as usual, and will be listed in the Posts. Before this morning, I could delete the duplicate with no problems resulting. This time the original post is gone. Did I by mistake delete the original instead of the duplicate? It doesn't matter at this point because the original post is gone, one typed directly in Blogger. If the glitch hadn't been there, then the chance of deleting a post by mistake would be unlikely.
Lesson: Save posts off line.

Weird, all that on the first day a pop up box on the right shows up to survey how Blogger is doing. I'd like sure to see that box show up now.


  1. Oh Maywyn when you get blogger figured out let me know. I often have weird things happen. In spite of everything the photos are beautiful. Especially love seeing the grapes.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. There are more wild grapes this year than I recall ever seeing along those woods. It makes me wonder if they're to feed the birds because the winter is going to be cold.
      Most likely I made the mistake deleting the post instead of the blank duplicate that shouldn't have been there.

  2. Such beautiful fall pictures, Maywyn. So sorry your post got deleted......Hope you have a happy October enjoying those wonderful colours.
    Helen xox

    1. Hi Helen,
      A happy October to you!
      Finishing the week off with painting will erase the sting of a missing post.:)

  3. Hey there! Your original post - or maybe just part of it, I can't tell - was still on my Feedly page. I'll paste it here, and you can copy and paste it elsewhere if you want to and then delete this comment! Okay? Here goes:

    The most interesting views can be tucked away in unexpected places. The photograph above doesn't do this small scene justice because in person its amazing how the color, texture and perspective tell its story. In the foreground is a crabapple tree with red fruit. Somewhere in there are the bluest wild grapes. Drawing the eye in are the sienna reeds center to the near wisp of white tall dry grasses in the background. The silver willow in the foreground left and the dark greens of the tall cedar help the distance feel so magical.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Thank you! Its all right to leave it posted here. I didn't have the brain left to try and write it again. That's the version before the edit where I added more descriptions.
      I haven't heard of Feedly before. Looks like a neat app thing. Thanks for the tip


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