04 October 2016

Five Ways to Manage Chat-posting

"I can't be the only one," is a mantra that often tune's up my thoughts.
I am not the keeper of the Universe's brain in respect that humans have the ability to form the same conclusions as well as develop the same beliefs. Ergo, when I say I talk to my blog sometimes as a collectively formed person, I am confident I'm not the only blogger that has felt that way.

Methinks, thinking of your blog as calling a friend on the phone can be a sign to get out more because you may be relying on blogging too heavily. Commenting on blogs, replying to comments, and posting about what's going on in your life isn't the same as a chat post cloning real life.
Here are some tips to consider in managing chat-postings on your blog:

  1. Make little face people to glue on sticks, and put them in a small vase. Talk to them with the battery out of your cell phone (instead of chatting via your blog).
  2. Sing "Over the River and Through the Woods," from the poem by Lydia Marie Child, when you feel that let's chat feeling*
  3. Ask yourself if you really want your words found a thousand years from now in an archaeology restoration project.  ?
  4. Write a chat letter; take a photo of it; and post it on your blog. Then worry 24/7 a hand writing analyst will post his or her findings.
  5. Before you publish a chat post, spend an hour looking at pets on Petfinder.com. All that cuteness can be a fun diversion.

*To help out...


  1. Well I hope this is an okay question, because I really would like to know: what is that beverage? It is a gorgeous color (on my screen, anyway) but I've never seen tea that shade. And now I want some!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      The cup is full of lemon lime drink. It might be Gatorade. I forget what the brand is. The photo was taken in the spring time.
      Thanks for the top about monopods. I think using one will make my life a lot easier out walking.

    2. Gatorade makes sense! It does come in that bright clear color :)
      Thanks for your comments about using walking sticks - I never found a cane very helpful, but these adjustable poles are really useful to me.

  2. My walking stick is a walking/hiking pole. I realize now that's a term often used to describe a cane. No wonder people tell me, "You forgot your cane." lol
    The drink could also be Crystal Light. I was drinking that in those days before I learned the ingredients don't agree with me.


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