09 October 2016

Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge in October

Geese in Flight, 8 October 2016

Snow Geese at Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge, 8 October 2016
The geese in the  photo are too far away for me to tell if they are Snow or Canada Geese. Their landing site is in a corn harvested field shielded by hedgerows.
Across the road the corn still stands near the visitor viewing area field. The small rain water ponds visible from that location appear to be dry.

What looks like a medium large flock of snow geese are far back in the field where there's usually water. I think its probably dry at this time because the one close to the viewing area is dry.

Dead Creek (photo below) is not dry at all. I did see geese flying in that area farther north behind trees.

Dead Creek Boat Access, Rt. 17 Panton, VT, October 2016

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