08 October 2016

Autumn Road Safety

I look forward to taking pictures of the beautiful Vermont foliage in October. Rain is forecast for today, but I don't mind being out in the rain. However, the driving hazard of leaf covered roads bothers me  because that can be slick as an ice covered road. Shopping yesterday I notice a lot of out of state license plates on this long Columbus day week-end.
Adirondack Mountains from Panton, VT, 8 October 2016

Give tourists/leaf peepers room
Be careful for sudden stops
Watch the side of the road where somebody might be taking photographs
Leaf covered roads can be slick as ice
Don't drive distracted with food, cameras, phones, and
Oh Look at that tree!

Route 17, Panton Vermont

Drive Safely

Focus on Driving



  1. Dear Maywyn - wonderful safety tips. Bet it is getting simply beautiful in your part of the world. Have a great day leaf-peeking. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. At this lower elevation there's still a lot of green. The colors are spotty so far showing the start of color in masses. The white its going to rain sky dulls the light today. Tomorrow should be sunnier and brighter. Lot of traffic today though.


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