16 October 2016

Autumn Mornings and a New Poem

Its nice to hear birds chirping during a summer sunrise, but it can't win over a windy autumn morning before the freezes begin, before all the trees are last leaf bare, and before the cursing starts about the snow on the roads. You want to feel reset, alive, vibrant, clear of clutter? Well then, there's a pre-dawn fall morning crisp wind waiting to embrace you (in climates that have such weather conditions, and, the location isn't a path for nocturnal foraging creatures like the fox and skunk).
October Sunrise with Flock of Geese Over Addison County
This morning in Vermont it was dark at 6:30 AM Eastern USA time. As the dawn progresses, in the east I see warm colors in the sky, more red than in the photo on the left taken at 7:10 AM EDT. Enter I into the  outdoors with camera in hand!
What a beautiful morning, despite red sky at morning, sailor's take warning aspect.

Hear honking. Search above. Nothing. I didn't see the flock of geese, center left photo, until I upload the pictures to post here. Last night taking photos of the Super Hunter's Full Moon, I heard and saw a huge flock of geese flying northeast. Wait. Aren't they suppose to be heading south? Its was dark out, and, its autumn where they stop over at various places in the Champlain Valley before the move to warmer latitudes. I'm confident they know where south is when they're ready.  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All about Birds has a charming article to read, Why Do Migrating Canada Geese Sometimes Fly in the Wrong Direction?

As a result of this morning's inspiration being outdoors in  brisk autumn wind, a new poem posted on my poetry blog, Hasopen Road Poetry,  titled "Falls into the Forest."


  1. Lovely photo and I really like the poem. I have been to Vermont many times and I love it there! It helps that it is just a one and a half hour drive from Montreal. :) I love your background, the Autumn colours are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Linda
      In the video you posted...The mother cat with kittens visiting the dog is adorable. The cat and the dog playing at the end is super uber adorable!

  2. Dear Maywyn I hopped over to your other blog. Your poem so captures the sentiments of Autumn. So wonderful friend. Your photo if the morning sky is beautiful. I love to see your photos. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Debbie. I always appreciate your visits and words.


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