27 October 2016

A Favorite Oak Tree

The leaning oak trees at the Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge viewing area are a favorite group of trees. The oak in the picture on the left has branches that are fantastical like ancient arms reaching out to embrace the future.

Oak Optical Illusion

I open the 2nd photo on the left. My eyes don't adjust to what the image is. I didn't take pictures near water. Where is that?  Its two oak trees creating an optical illusion. The large branch upper right, is the branch in the middle of the tree. The vertical center branch is from the first tree, and separates the two curving branches of the foreground branch curving downward, and the background branch curving upward. Weird and neat.

The Arms of a Favorite Oak Tree, digital phot0
In the larger photo above the same large branch is center. This is a subject I will return to each season to photograph. Image hanging a hammock from the two thick branches to observe nature. Alas, the tree itself is right beside a busy road in a stretch of flat land where the wind is very strong=motion sickness within minutes. I think its best to paint, draw and photograph a beautiful tree with one's feet on the ground or sitting in a comfy vehicle.


  1. Maywyn awesome oak tree. Love the optical illusion you captured. Read on line there may be snow in the forecast for you this weekend. Seems rather early. Hope you enjoy the day. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Snow! It started this afternoon, wet mushy snow not sticking to the roads around here so far. I had a great day getting some much needed paper shredding done. I decided while putting away summer and getting out winter clothes, I'd sort through ancient papers to shred. lol
      Wishing you no snow yet. :)

  2. What a beautiful, strong tree. I am sure it is many years old.

    1. Hello Loree,
      Good point! I haven't thought about its age. Maybe the wildlife refuge has the history of the oaks. I'll let you know if I find out.

  3. Trees tell us a story about the conditions they grew in...open-grown oaks are a gorgeous illustration of landscape history :)

  4. Hello Quinn,
    Your Worldless Wednesday photos of the goats and Piper are the treat of the week.
    One of these days I'll remember to find a leaf, and take close up of bark to identify what type of oak tree they are.


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