18 October 2016

A Bit of Zoom

The geese flocks at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area use to be closer to the visitor viewing area. I don't know when they began moving farther back into the fields. If they do land closer, then I haven't been there. Note, they do land on both sides of the street where there are cornfields and hedgerows. The camera I'm presently using has a 12 X optical zoom that works well for most situations. Below are photographs to illustrate how far those geese are from the viewing area using the Canon Power Shot SX150IS, 14.1 mega pixels.

The snow geese are the white left of center under the tree line on the horizon. The picture crops out the foreground up to the fence.

Note the dip in the treeline, the V shaped dip.

The V shaped dip in close up.

In the second picture, with the 12x optical zoom, that is a section of the flock of the snow geese in the first photo.

In the 3rd photo (no zoom) is the viewing area. The snow geese are to the right off frame. Note the size of the fence posts on the right compared to the 1st photo above. There is a ditch in front of the fence...driveway area, grass, ditch, fence, field.

Route 17 (paved) is on the far left between the leaning oaks.


  1. My goodness, that's a large flock of geese.

    1. Hello Loree,
      Years ago, there were many such flocks of snow geese that could fill the field area in the first picture. Canada Geese were sometimes across the street. The event in fall and spring were spectacular.


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