26 September 2016

Scouting for the Perfect Winter Drinking Mug

Hand painted 20 Ounce stoneware mug by Yokohama Studio
A way to help ease depression, I've found, is a fun project you can do online or out shopping.  For the warm months a small berry or rice bowl (to  use for fruit snacks), and for cold weather a stoneware or ceramic mug. There are three easy guidelines:

1. Set a price range and stick to it.
2. Commit to 1 (one) and only one
3. Shop online or rummage sales, thrift stores, stores, craft fairs, and local pottery studios.

There's also the options of using your artwork to have one made, and a paint your own ceramic, if there such a shop  in your area.

I prefer shopping locally because getting out of the house is healthier than sitting for hours looking online.

In this northern hemisphere the cold weather is slowly moving in. As if the chill signals my brain, I see the 20 ounce stoneware mug in the photo. It was the last one like it on a shelf with other mugs in a gift area.  The larger size is ideal for hot chocolate with marshmallow and soup. A bonus is in the winter as a pumpkin spiced coffee's steam dances above the rim, I  can remember being out and about bare foot in sandals.


  1. Very good tips! I love long walks in nature, I find this to be very therapeutic. The mug is gorgeous!

    1. Hello Linda,
      I love your post today, right words very much needed! Have a happy week!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol
      I love the mug so much, I'm looking for more.


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