20 September 2016

Photo Harvest

After reading Pat Elliott's blog, Pat Elliott Paintings, I'm reminded to spruce up my folder of photographs to paint from. In the cold weather months the folder is often used for ideas as well as to paint. The bonus is finding what I need to look for, spring forest colors.
Vermont Field Route 100 in Spring

The present acrylic I'm painting is a spring landscape with many bare trees, more than I have on the canvas. This painting, I think along Route 100, is perfect for the colors I need. The blur at the bottom is motion from being a passenger taking the pictures.

Leaning Oaks, Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge, digital photo

Remember last year the acrylic of this scene (photo left)? I found the (unfinished) canvas when moving art materials to a permanent area where I don't have to put things away after each painting session.

Canada Geese on the Mad River in Spring, digital photo

A favorite scene I had forgotten about that stirred my creative mind that crisp early spring morning driving alongside White River in Vermont are the Canada Geese on the very thin ice areas yet to be melted by the day's sun. Painting this will be a difficult watercolor for me because I'm very rusty on whiting out areas of water.

Do you keep a folder of photographs to paint from when the weather turns cold?
Are you ready for the cold weather?

Next up on Friday... Sleepwear Harvest


  1. I'm not a painter but I can see that these photos will make beautiful paintings. I especially like the last photo. It almost looks like a watercolour already.

    1. Thank you Loree
      Your trip to Dunster post has beautiful photographs to paint from like the pink house, Yarn House, and the ones with the castle over looking the town.

  2. Yes Maywyn these photos would make great paintings. Love your autumn banner too. Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you. Your photos this week, great to see the Shepards. They are so amazingly beautiful dogs.
    Happy Autumn!

  4. I am glad my blog inspired you to look again at your folder - these are beautiful photos - and yes, a painting in every one :-)

    1. Hi Pat,
      Your spirit is always an inspiration. :)
      I always look forward to seeing your new work.
      Happy Autumn!


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