28 September 2016

Autumn Mums and Foliage Reports

The trees are mum about autumn in a lot of green today with barely tinges of color showing at this lower elevation in Vermont. I see photographs of up north on Carol's View of New England blog to see the same. I'm confident the fall colors will be showing more reds, oranges, and golds soon.
The Columbus Day holiday is usual a busy leaf peeper* week. This year it falls on 10 October, the Monday after next.  Until then, above are some rusty gold mums for color.

October begins this year on Saturday. This is one of the most exciting months of the year. I'm brain storming posts for October that are heavy on pumpkins, and, editing another gentle scary story to post.

In addition to photographs and first hand reports, check out:

 Vermont Fall Foliage Report at Vermont. com.

Scenes of Vermont.com forums for on site foliage updates

Discover New England.org for more information about New England

New England.com for live foliage maps

* Leaf peeper ~ A New England term for autumn foliage tourists and folks in general that are out and about to admire the fall colors of deciduous trees


  1. Hi Maywyn. Love the picture of the mums. The color makes my heart sing. :-)

    1. Hi Carol,
      They are my favorite mum color. They perk up every thing around them. :)

  2. Gorgeous photo - I shall be a leaf peeper through the internet - being a bit far to tour myself ;-)

    1. Hi Pat,
      There's a lot of neat photos to use for reference to paint from.
      I hope this season I find good views.

  3. We don't have really spectacular autumn displays in England although certain types of trees, like beech, can look wonderful when you are actually walking through the woods. I did see the fall displays in Canada once, though, and they were something else!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      The spring bluebells in the UK is as gorgeous as fall foliage in New England. There's a section in Vermont going south on I89 (past Bolton Flats?) that makes me dizzy its so beautiful, mountains covered in golden trees.

  4. What a beautiful shade of rust - perfect for autumn. I can never quite call the season fall as nothing ever falls over here.

    1. Hi Loree,
      The changes in weather can help with a feeling of fall.There are times during the chilly spring rains that it feels like autumn.


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