05 July 2016

The Bugs of Summer: Bald Faced Hornet

The hornet on the left looks like a bald faced hornet. Its the bug that flew onto a green worm as if it was attacking it for food. The next day I found the dead inch worm with a squashed head on the ground nearby.  I observe the hornet landing on various plant stems. For some reason, it appears to like the small area of my deck. I saw it checking out cracks in the concrete that it doesn't fit in. Whew! It has yet to bother me, hover near me or indicate any interest at all.
Update: As for catching a picture of a bee harvesting fluff from the Dusty Miller, zipola sightings. I see bees in the clover, not on the Dusty Miller.

One more post until this blog is at 1000. The closer it gets, the more I feel bad that I might not stop blogging. Decisions, decisions. Woe is me.


  1. I hope you continue blogging. That hornet is a weird looking creature, but so often insects do look quite incredibly weird. I hate hornets of all kinds, they are aggressive little brutes.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Your photo post about what's going on in the UK about Brexit has done my heart good to feel connected, and understand the situation better from a person perspective (as oppose to the media's perspective.) Thank you

      The way that hornet attacked that poor little minding his own business inch worm was not a pleasant sight. I agree, they are brutes.

      I realize today that ending this blog is a bad idea. It may be better to take breaks, slow down, and push aside the negative atmosphere around me. This has been a good place to be, with good blogger friends.


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