01 June 2016

From Mayfly to Terrestial Ecozone

Mayfly June 2014
Hello June 2016!
Posting a photo from 2015 is the idea. None. Look to 2014 to find one folder (most pictures are on another computer). In the one 2014 folder is a photo of a Mayfly. Searching to learn more about this insect, I run across ecozones. According to Wikipedia, there are 8 on Earth. This blogger is sitting atop the Nearctic ecozone that extends from Mexico up to Greenland, including Canada and Alaska. And here I thought I know where I am.

The Mayfly adult lives only 24 hours. It gets worse for the female Mayfly Dolania Americana, that lives only a half hour.


  1. Got to make it count!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Just half an hour? I wonder whether it feels like a lifetime to the fly.

    1. Hi Loree,
      The Mayfly has 3 stages before the end adult stage. It would be tough to write a story with about a Mayfly. It would have to be a mini short story.

      Have a wonderful week-end


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