27 June 2016

A Few Summer Safety Tips

Not in order of importance

Clean Fans Weekly!
Unplug Fans First.
Cleaning fans is not only safe, but healthy as well because you aren't blowing all that dirt into the air you breath

Lotion Caution!
Please be careful on rainy days about lotion on your feet in some sandals. In the rain lotion and a smooth sandal bed can be like walking on slippery ice.  Keep a pair of socks in the glove compartment, purse, and/or backpack.

Clean Filters!
Clean air conditioner and room air filters regularly. Breath healthy.

Bug Spray!
Mosquitoes appear to love hanging out around the pedals in a vehicle because often when I get in, mosquitoes bite my ankles. I spritz bug spray on my leg before leaving the house.
I don't leave bug spray in a hot car.

Get rashy in the summer?
Maybe you have an allergy to some chemical sweetners like I do. Read labels, write down the ingredients, and then stop drinking the sweet drink to see if the rashes clear up. Better yet, see an allergist for testing.

Use it, please.

Cold Packs!
Keep a cold pack in a zip insulated soft sided lunch bag in the car when you go out, fresh frozen. That cold pack on a hot day can be a life saver.
Walking, in a plastic bag, a cold pack at the bottom of my backpack inside where the cold is against my back.

Always keep water to drink wherever you are in the summer.

Read Up on hot weather safety!
Summer Weather Safety and Survival at NOAA dot gov


  1. Good advice! Have a happy summer!
    Helen xox

    1. Hi Helen,
      I love your chrysanthemum quilt.
      Happy Summer to You!

  2. Thank you Maywyn for these summer safety tips. Lovely picture of your adorable rabbit too. They are just too cute. Have a super day. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. Such a small rabbit in the yard without an adult around isn't usual. After the lawn is mowed he looks bigger though. lol

  3. I rarely use foot lotion because I don't like that slippery feeling on my feet. Reading these tips I kind of wish we might have some spells of hot weather here! it's been so gloomy with low grey cloud. Today looks a bit better though.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Wishing the UK Sunny Weather!


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