14 May 2016

Week-end Hanging Out

Squirrel hanging out with a snack

What the squirrel is so intent on eating is a mystery. It appeared to be resting in such a strange fashion, I took a few pictures. The snack isn't evident until viewing the photograph. From the other frames, there's room enough to speculate it may be a piece of old bark with lichen on it. Who knew.

Stunning Aurora Borealis , Northern Lights video 

Tips for pretty feet for summer 

Cute sun dress 

Have A Hula Hoop? 

I'll for sure try this smoothie 

A Spool of Blue Thread, by Anne Tyler on my summer reading list
link is to the wonderful New York Times review

Wingaersheek Beach a favorite since childhood 

Will always make me laugh

Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. LOVE this photo!!! Nuff said - Happy Thursday!

    1. Happy Thursday Tanya!
      Thank you


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