17 May 2016

Thrift Shop Fun: Finding Flatware

For summer, its the hunt for a berry (or rice) bowl. For winter, its the hunt for a mug or dainty cup and saucer. This year welcomes the spring hunt for flatware. The best resource for finding and/or trying out a new pattern can be a local thrift store. Many places have bins of forks, knives, spoons, and serving pieces at a low price.
Oneida Pickle Fork, unknown pattern

I love the beaded patterns. After researching online, I'm leaning towards the International Silver Company's American Bead and Pfaltzgraff American Bead. Both are 18/0,  18% chromium, zero nickel. 
The little Oneida pickle fork in the photo is a favorite. Alas, there was only one to buy in that pattern. Instead of forks to pick up berries, I prefer the three tine style. They are easier to handle and take up less room on a summer snack tray.
Grosvenor Community Plate, Oneida, center

 A bonus of thrift store bin diving for flatware. Art Nouveau decorations are so delicate they practically sing...Bring me to a picnic. The vintage Art Deco are also charming.

Imagine yourself outdoors on a warm sunny day, blue skies and white puffy clouds above as you day dream, sketch or read with a special place setting and dinnerware nearby  on your blanket or side table.
This summer have  fun on purpose.


  1. We shop for flatware in the same boutique!
    And "Have fun on purpose" is a very good motto :)

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Lol! Do you get sad when the flatware bins aren't full?
    I have to move on to the utensil bin more often for weird gadgets because it doesn't take that long to go through the spoons and forks.

  3. How fun!!! On purpose! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I like that saying so much, I'm going to add it to my banner. lol


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