16 May 2016

The Starling and the Hawk

Two red tail hawks are cruising the skies over Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge on a sunny May afternoon. Their glide is soothing and a pleasure to watch. With a small camera, its not easy to capture one of the beautiful birds of prey with their wings spread.

I was lucky after many tries that one of them flew closer to me and my camera.

The starling scrambles out of the way when the hawk is above and rests in a tree watching the hawk pass by.

There are times when I feel like the starling watching life glide by. I prefer my chair to clutching a branch on the shores of a creek.

Monday morning waking up remembering what feels like a nightmare is like watching a bird of prey go by with no branches to hide in. It has been a struggle for many months to keep posting here. Its a struggle to do anything at all.
There are 25 more until this blog reaches 1000 posts. I think that's a good number to look at for either ending or transitioning this blog to something else. After last night's dream, I prefer to stop blogging now. But, one must keep going. There are more branches out there.

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