10 May 2016

Starlings and the Crow

Starlings dive bombing a crow

Starlings going after a crow went on for some minutes. As much as I tried to capture the crow in flight, the starlings relentless pursuit was too fast for me and my camera. Oh well. Next time. There were a few crows in the area. From what I can tell, they were all being bothered be the starlings. I looked for nests nearby. I saw none.
A branch is in sight, close but not close enough
They all need a rest.


  1. Tempted to yell, "Playtime's OVER"...funny how they all end up sharing the same tree in the end! ;-) Happy Wednesday, May...many happy birds to you the rest of the week.

    1. Probably should have read "Rest time's OVER"! My brain is fried tonight. ;-)

    2. Hi Tanya,
      They rest for seconds before taking off after the crow. It almost looks like they are playing tag. Maybe the problem is the food source nearby where I get coffee and sometimes a donut. :)


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