18 May 2016

Spring Cleaning Planters

Grey Treefrog
In the spring there's always the winter stuff to clean out like planters with last years potting soil. Please be careful about what might be lurking there.

Last week as I was puttering among the plant containers, when out from somewhere pops a grey treefrog! I thought it was burrowed into the soil, and I woke him or her up too early. I gently put a thin layer of soil on it so it can dig back in. The frog each time jumps out from under. I cringe when I think there may be more of them in the planter, and here I've been digging out the soil with a smaller pot. I turn the large container on its side with the remaining soil spilling out, and left it alone.

All is well as he frog scurries away. Well until yesterday ... I hear a weird unfamiliar quacking bird like loud noise behind me. I look to see what bird it is. Nothing is there. Okay, I didn't turn quick enough. Later, I hear it again Again. No bird. In the afternoon late, I hear it much closer and louder. Aha! Its on my deck hiding. Maybe a baby bird? Peering under everything carefully, I see nothing, and no spaces left for a bird to hide. Then I remember the frogs at my parents house turning color, little tree frogs. I look again, and there he or she is inside the spaces of the planter bench looking just as cozy as can be (with what looks like a smirk on its face).

The dish pans under the planter bench with plants in them that use to fill up with rain were removed last week. A toad use to take a dip in the dish pan last year. I'm guessing the treefrog likes that water soil scent, and thought its a good home. I'm confident it can find the trees nearby well enough without my help. I did go out last night for one last look. It was gone. I don't expect to hear or see it again.

I was wrong. For accuracy before posting this, I took a quick look outside.
Grey Treefrog resting on a stone weighing down lawn chair (planter bench in background)


  1. Looks like you've got yourself a pet! Glad it wasn't a snake you found - Hoppy Thursday, May! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      The pet appears to have left the deck. He wasn't there this morning, and nowhere to be seen. Have a great week-end!

  2. Dear Maywyn I think you may have a permanent resident. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I have seen them stay in one place for a long time. The sound he makes is what I imagine a hatching dinosaur sounds like.


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