20 May 2016

Ribbon Spool Pen Holder

Ribbon Spool Pen Holder

There's no telling what might capture one's  imagination. I know for sure though, spools have been a favorite since childhood. Thus, when two became available I see a neat pen holder with an industrial minimalist look.
I store the third spool's ribbon in a plastic bag in order to free it up for the pen holder. The end paper of one spool is left on to act as a bottom, and in case I glue on a base for weight. If only pens are kept in the holder, then it won't need weight on the bottom.
The old pen holder becomes the other stuff holder... pen level, blade sharpener, markers, pens without refills, and a errant plastic icicle ornament that missed the Christmas decoration's box.

Do you make your own pen holders?


  1. My ribbon usually comes on cardboard, anymore...great idea, clever friend!

    1. Hello Tanya,
      The holder ribbon is the thin style you can making curly that's usually found in the gift card section. I like the holder as it is, but more and more I'm visualizing what decorations I can hot glue to it. :)


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