02 May 2016

Reflection Monday May 2016

Feel Like Making an Easy Soup Soup

2 chicken bullion cubes
A few shakes of garlic powder
Half large onion chopped
1 Celery stalk diced
About 1/3 cup lentils
About 1 cup of wheat Rotini
Water a little over half way up a 2 quart sauce pan
Chopped parsley
Can of carrots rinsed, added towards the end of cooking
Slow boil until pasta is done


  1. I was just wondering if another kettle of soup is needed, after checking the weather forecast. Rained yesterday, raining today, rain predicted for the next 6 days. SOUP.
    Thanks for clicking my little poll, and leaving that tip about figure eights. I googled it and found a bunch of videos on YT...who knew?!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I bought a book years ago, "Painting Ships, Shores and the Sea, by Rachel Rubin Wolf. It has just about every water scene in details that are easy to understand.
      Have a wonderful week!

    2. Dear Maywyn that looks delicious. I can smell the wonderful aroma...do you have some extra?? Thanks too for your visit and taking time to comment. Hugs!

    3. Hi Debbie,
      There's barely a few spoonfuls in the fridge that by the time they got to you would be gone by. Maybe some day if I ever drive through Ohio we can go out for soup and sandwiches. Hugs to you!


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