01 May 2016

Have a Fun Week-end

Soon the daffodils will be in bloom despite the chilly weather. While waiting, I'll be going through my Picasa files to delete the many duplicate photos  because the program stores pictures without asking if its a replacement. I'll also be boxing up some books to donate to the local library sale.

Some neat links...

Berry College Eaglets are getting big!

My Favorite Dog Breed

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Save money using your own modem? Know what a router is?
Cute Sundress

This summer...Tabi Socks!


  1. Our daffodils are long gone. Each season, except summer, is so short here.

    1. Hi Loree,
      Fabric flowers can be a good substitute. I bought a couple of white daisy bouquets at Michaels because they look so real.
      Have a wonderful week

  2. Happy May Day, May! I had to smile at this wonderful photo, imagining you laying on the ground to get the right angle on this! XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Happy May Day!
      Not to spoil your image, but I only lean down a little and lower the camera to take pictures like that. lol
      Have a wonderful week!


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