19 May 2016

Flowering Trees and Bees

There was a perfectly round crabapple tree in my yard a life time ago with such a lovely scent, I had to go over for a sniff despite allergies. As I approach, it appears to have a moving veil of bees, and I mean bees. Its isn't a swarm. They're just honey bees doing what bees do.

There is no  perfume that can duplicate the delicate scent of apple tree blossoms.

The flowers don't last long. Take your photos as soon as you can when the sun is out.

They may bloom in the spring, but in the full sun, they say, "I am Summer!"

The crabapple tree on the Vergennes Green isn't as full of bees as the tree in my yard years ago, but there are plenty of them. The numbers make taking pictures tricky.


  1. I love watching bees - beautiful photos - I can smell the fragrance from here!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Most of the bees I see up close are sunning themselves. They are fun to watch.
      Have an adventurous week-end!


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