15 May 2016

Berry College Eaglets Fly!

How exciting! The Berry College live cam Eaglets fly!

I saw one eaglet fly out of the nest. I check the Approach Cam View, where you can see the surrounding branches. There was only one eagle there! I continue to look, and then that eaglet flies away as well! Wow! What a moment. They've probably been flying around for a while. I don't look that often. The other day the parents are still bringing them food. The young eagles tear and eat on their own.


  1. That is so cool that you get to see that.

    1. Hi Loree,
      According to the notes on the website, they have been flying around since Mother's Day. For me it was the other day. :) There's only one, that I can tell, returning to the nest. It was there yesterday napping and calling out.
      Have a great week!


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