26 April 2016

The Yesterday & Today of April in Vermont

Yesterday in April 2016

Today in April 2016
These past few days looking out at sunny weather, thoughts of, Is the snow really gone? have been reoccurring. Today the question is answered as I look out to see it is snowing. In Vermont its not uncommon to hear, "It can snow in April in Vermont."

Pondering when things are mishmoshy, I either feel I haven't spent enough time in prayer or the Moon is having an affect on my nature of things.  Balance.  Although I left a squash seedling outdoors over night, the young plant appears to be quite happy. Stability for me is better now that a horrid sinus issue is being resolved, and life in general feels much better today than it did yesterday despite snow. Balance doesn't always have to feel perfect.

P.S. Rested, up making chili  as the snow stops, and now the sun is trying to shine.


  1. Raining here today, but I'm not complaining! Your pansies are reminding me why I am taking my time with planting.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      The snow stopped about an hour ago, and now the sun is trying to shine. The warm air caused the snow to melt on the hard surfaces, and accumulate on the lawns and such, just like snow should :). I expect sandals by supper time. lol

  2. Hi Maywyn,

    You are certainly getting a full range of weather right now!!! I hope all your plants survive.

    Thank you for your comment on the latest painting!!! Loved it!! He really does have an enigmatic smile, maybe not quite so much as the Mona Lisa :)


    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I love the way you show the progress of your paintings.
      The pansies are frozen right about now. I'm hoping they'll be all right with the warmer temperatures in the forecast.

    2. Feel better (I deal with sinus problems and allergies, year-round, in Vegas) and don't plant too many things YET. I know Denver is in for 10-15 inches of snow this weekend. Me, I wish we had just a touch of some kind of seasonal weather. It's been beautiful here, but we only have hot most of the year! Happy Spring, May - XOXO

    3. Hi Tanya,
      Happy Spring! Wishing you a smooth allergy season.
      Sinus are better. I can tell because the naps are getting old. lol
      The snow the other day is almost all melted.


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