28 April 2016

The Cow and Crow

The Cow and Crow sounds like a neat name for a pub, blog, book, bakery, brand or boutique. Thinking up new names and business themes is a hobby of mine. Over the years, my tastes haven't changed much. I'm still cabin, cottage, camping, cotton, canoes, woods and such minded. There was a time when a name would capture my heart so much that I'd write pages and pages and/or start a blog (that I'd not publish or delete). Cows are as good as cabins to me. Yet, I dream of wood, lofts, and fireplaces, not cows. Today after uploading photographs, I see in one a black thing that isn't a cow. What is that? Aha! Its a Crow!
The Cows and Crow, digital photo

I hear tales of how people discover their business and/or business name. Many are charming and quite delightful stories. Its nice to have a bit of magical discovery on the side of what one likes to do. Now I have one of my own. What will the Cow and Crow become? I have some ideas. I see a neat tee shirt in my creative brain.

What is your creative brain been doing lately?


  1. Love the name...I've been thinking of changing my blog name for quite some time, but can't settle on one that quite suits me. Thanks for the name on the clouds yesterday, too...and the description I looked up was spot on. It was warm yesterday morning, with a temperature drop in the evening, followed by showers that are supposed to keep up all weekend! Happy Thursday, May.

    1. Happy Thursday Tanya!

      Changing and selecting a name isn't easy anymore. Its mind boggling how many made up names are already being used. If you want to open a shop to sell online, then make sure your store name is available on the websites where you are going to sell.
      I searched Google and US Trademarks for new name, and didn't find an established business. Plus, the domain name was available indicating the name isn't being used. Variations of the name are very few. Only then did I move forward with the name.

      Good luck!

  2. Love your new header!Just a hello in a hurry as we are leaving this evening for the Easter break. Thank you so much for your precious comments on my blog,I'm always so happy to read them.
    Take care my friend,

    1. Hi Olympia,
      Have a wonderful Easter break! The flower photos you posted are beautiful.

  3. Dear Maywyn I love the name. Did you discover the crow in your photo after taking the picture? Think a tee shirt would be perfect for this name. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I discovered the crow after loading the photo. First seconds I was wondering what kind of cow...? lol The camera was on zoom so far that I wouldn't see the bird from where I was. I'm going to make a drawing for the tee shirt.


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