15 April 2016


Know how?

I texted a few times before the other day. The process didn't feel comfortable. A recent phone upgrade changed that. I can see becoming a texting fool tethered to the sound of that little bird noise (its adorable). Right away I told myself to moderate how many times I text in a day.
Texting is  liberating Wowness! Gone are waiting for the rings, leaving a message, wrong numbers, hearing a tone of voice that might make you worry or not, and forgetting to mention something before you forget about it.  Texting feels like my entire living environment is de-cluttered forever. Surreal it be. And so much fun to have the Internet at one's finger tips.

I am aware of the problem of people texting while driving. Now that I know how to text, I don't understand why anyone with brain enough to drive would text while driving! Seriously, its dangerous. I can have a piece of fruit in between typing on this keyboard at my desk without a problem (unless I don't use a fork or spoon). I would never consider typing while driving never mind tapping a small finger on small letters!

I'm not one to be keen on getting the newest gadgets. My small budget makes that easily doable. Today's technology companies need to provide lower priced reliable devices in order to reach a wider market as in make more money. I am grateful. This new texting experience helps me understand the serious problem people, (including me to some degree), are creating by giving their lives over to a means of communication that, I feel, has yet to be fully explored as to the impact it has on human evolution. Think 1950-ish where new gadgets free up more leisure time for workers. What is the free time gap between talking and writing emails going to mean? Hiking more? I believe the streamline text style of communicating is full throttle into how we view our eating habits. Streamlining our lives may not always be the best choice to make in every situation. There's a lot to think about. Not keeping up with the latest gadgets has created an opportunity to have a spectator perspective, see things to think about. Learning does that to the brain, makes us think. If it could only make us stop to consider, that would be ideal.


  1. First-I LOVE the photo of the woodpecker!
    I've done a little thinking about the gadget way we live now. Lots of stuff has been written about it. It's hard to say just what effect it will have on us humans, but like all electronics-there are good things and bad things about it.
    I heard that many people die or get seriously injured from texting and walking at the same time!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you.
      I'll be reading more about texting. Its a bit fascinating thus far.
      Wishing you a wonderful week-end

  2. I have what I call a Fisher-Price cellphone, and I use it almost exclusively for texting. Very handy form of communication, I think!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      LOL! Good way to describe a cell phone.
      Texting is handy. And it will be even better for me when I find all the boxes to check for no notices. :)

  3. Dear Maywyn I think I have only texted once on my phone. Hooray for you moving into this mode of communicating. You inspire me to do it more often. Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I hope you find texting as liberating as I do. Its a tiny way of communicating big thoughts.
      Have a wonderful week!


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