26 April 2016

Teddy the Dog in Animal Shelter Provence, France

If you read the blog "Collage of Life," then you know about the pet, Teddy once owned by the blogger of "Have some Decorum," that is up for adoption. There is a dog that looks exactly like Teddy still in the need adoption line up, at the S.P.A. Baux des Provence, France shelter

The shelter won't allow Teddy to be adopted outside the area or else he's probably be on a jet by now flying towards a forever home.

If you know anyone in France, then please ask them to email or call the shelter for an update on Teddy. Thank you

If he's still there, then please spread the word  Teddy needs a home.

I tried to send an email from the Contact Us on the shelter translated website, but an error box shows up that I can't translate.


  1. It's such a sad story. I asked my only contact in France to try find a home for him - but no luck :(

  2. Yes, Loree, it is a sad story. I'm grateful for you helps. I'm sure once other bloggers learn of the situation, they will rally for another blogger. After all, Teddy is a blogger pet.

  3. This is heartbreaking on so many levels. I pray Teddy is adopted into a great home soon in France.
    As an aside, friends of mine in Toronto Canada adopted a dog from Quebec and they felt they had to communicate in French with the dog. The family, children included took French lessons. We had fun.

    1. Hi Helen,
      I enjoy your post about Old Head Golf course in Kinsale, Ireland.

      That's a lovely story that needs to be written, speaking French to the dog
      I check on Teddy's progress sometimes. I'm also hoping for good news soon.


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