07 April 2016

So How Did the New Template Go?

Drawing Board, digital photo
Not so good.
The Blogger Dynamic View doesn't have a  sign in feature. In order to get out of the Home page, one has to click on the tiny blue Blogger word at the bottom of the blog page where it states what template is being used, powered by.

Thankfully the old template was by chance found still there in Blogger. Whew!

While on the subject of blogs and changes...I've noticed in the last year several of the long time solid blogs I followed as well as read regularly, either are no more or rarely post. I believe sometime in 2015 spring to fall there was a sort of blog wind that swept away enthusiasm. I felt it myself. This year other reasons have surfaced to contribute to slowing, changing, and/or maybe not blogging here anymore. 
The world is a scarier place. The unsettling American political campaigns make it feel worse. Speaking out in America is scarier today than it has ever been in my 60 plus year lifetime. Reason and common sense don't appear to be popular. People in power now use it to go against the vote of the people. Lies and misinformation don't seem to matter as long as the candidate can spin it into something else.  Good energy is being spent on reacting instead of searching for and understanding the truth. 
Its no wonder old bloggers appear to leaving blogging. I might become one of them.


  1. I am still (fingers crossed that they keep "grandfathering" stuff in) one of the first Blogger things on mine. I keep getting notices about changes...I'm sure one day I might just be surprised! Happy Friday, May - XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I've fiddled with changes so many times on Blogger I don't remember what my blog first looked like. :)

      Have a Happy Week-end!


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