03 April 2016

Seagulls & Skis

Its funny the way seagulls will flock around a tractor during spring plowing.
On Saturday they were flying over the high school during an indoor rummage sale. I wish there was a sale every week-end. My prize buy is a pair of wooden skis; and the item regret are (I didn't take) the free golf clubs. I thought, just one club and make a donation.  But no, unless the project is going to be done right away, there's restraint buying for maybe some day.


  1. Your photos is so beautiful. The sea-gulls looks so free.

    1. Hi Loree
      Thank you. I like your description, they do look free.
      The seagulls were very close above. So I just turned the camera upwards rusing to get indoors.

      Have a Fantastic Week!

  2. You know, they must just be water kind of birds...I see them in Denver, and in California...everywhere but here in the desert.

    1. Hello Tanya,
      The desert probably doesn't have enough for the to scavenge food, and unless there's a big body of water like Lake Havasu in Arizona, gulls won't stick around. I'm thinking a huge French fry place or a lake might attract them. I think they can smell French fries as well as water.


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