18 April 2016

Photo Plans

One of a pair of Canadian Geese
The random photo opportunity may be fun, but it can also leave holes in a season's photo narrative. Searching folders, I realize its barely been two years since I began using this laptop.  I want to post a spring  image, but recent pictures are birds and branches. Tada! A Canadian Goose that shortly after the photograph, stood up honking until a tiny creature thrilled at the meeting, chases it off.
Thus, a project (one of many) this week is to seek out buds and flowers to photograph. Its good to have a goal.


  1. Dear Maywyn your photography is superb. I think this is a great goal. Will be looking forward to some more of your pics. Hugs

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Found dandelions today!

  2. A great photo of the goose. Looking forward to your photos of buds and flowers.

    1. Hi Loree,
      I saw something unfamiliar in the yard. I managed to get out on the deck for a few photos. Going back in gave me away, and the honking began. lol
      Have a wonderful week!


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