20 April 2016

Intallation Fun Times

Shame on me for not doing it sooner is the rule with installing printers because general experience shows me the process can be time consuming, and more complicated than they need be.
What bothers me even more is when Troubleshoot stops with an error code that gives you zero (0) information as to how to fix the problem. That's almost the same as a garage mechanic saying your car won't start and not offer a solution after your car has been towed there because it won't start.
Success I had by chance going over a link provided in a Windows 10 forum, and finding what looks like what the instructions mean because in forums info is dated, and may not have the exact path Labels on your system. I chose in Hardware Printers the "advanced printer set up." Then, there was a problem because if you try to retrieve your HP (Hewlett Packard) reward for installing more ink while the test page is printing, the printer will stop with no explanation. Finish or cancel that process, and the printer will finish the test page.
I also learn that sharing the printer can cause it not to print on a wireless network if its not on the right setting; instructions mean the blue light on the printer not the laptop (lol); and having all the addresses, models, passwords, names and such is a huge help.
Overall, after going through what looks like the correct installation process, I had to spend more time troubleshooting using my brain system in order to happen upon a fix that finally sets up my printer (that now has black ink...yay for me).

Good side...I didn't need is a disk to install hardware. Years ago I cried trying to find a disk that worked to install a photo program, from disks that came with the camera(s). Today company websites have downloads. Yay for them!

So that's what my life has been like today. How about yours?


  1. You really sound like a pro! I cant imagine not having one. We are always printing . I hope it all works well for you!!

    1. Hi Celia,
      I love your riverside watercolor.
      I wrote down the instructions each step I took. :)


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