01 March 2016

Route 22 A Truck Traffic Vergennes, Vermont

Does it make sense to re-route truck traffic onto a winding country road, with at least two very iffy sections to negotiate (that I can think of), and then up and down a huge hill going north? To this person, No, it makes zero sense.

How long has an alternative truck route through downtown Vergennes, Vermont been in the discussion...since the late 1990s early 2000. Sixteen Years.

I believe If the a new bridge truck route over Otter Creek to Route 7 had been put in place to raise funds back in 2000, then I suspect enough money to cover the costs would be in the bank by now. If there's a rule preventing a city from saving up money for much needed projects, then that rule needs to be voted out.

Yes, the hill through downtown Vergennes is steep. I've seen big trucks struggle in the summer time getting up that hill. If traffic is backed up so a big truck has to stop mid way, its even worse. Think about that in winter when roads are icy. What's at the bottom if a truck slides back? A bridge over Otter Creek with a low guard rail that I believe won't hold a truck from tipping over. That makes the Route 17 to Route 7 route more attractive, but not by much.
Update...Voters passed the new truck Route 17 truck route. 

Please Vote
Bixby Library Mid Way up hill downtown Vergennes

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