08 March 2016

Out and About March

Adirondack Mountains View from Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge, Panton, Vermont 6 March 2016

It was a beautiful Sunday to go out and about taking photographs of the local landscapes. I wanted a few pictures of ice on Dead Creek for reference, and the Adirondacks before spring begins. I can see the landscape better in the photo above (looking west) than in those taken last fall (that I plan to paint). While I don't have a brain expecting a snow storm, I know this is March, and there might be more snow.  Getting down to the Dead Creek hasn't been on my picture taking list because I don't remember if the parking areas are plowed. I'll be surprised if they are.  If there is more snow, then I'll try to get out there for winter photos. Alas, as I look at the photo above, I realize I don't know the name of those individual mountains.
A quick Google search for Adirondack Mountains names > maps> I find a map of the area but when fiddle with the zoom to locate where I take the pictures, I look over to the map where the mountains are... and Google has few names. I did find a map naming Dix Mountain and Giant Mountain, but I'm not for certain which peak they are. I need to take better notes of locations.
Leaning Oak Trees at Dead Creek along Route 17
I had to take more photos of the wind leaning trees at the Dead Creek viewing area. They are a very favorite to draw and paint.
Mount Marcy 5343 Feet (1629 M) highest peak on the left distance?

Mount Marcy is the only peak I feel I can name so far. That might be to the right of Mt Marcy, Dix Mountain. I did find a map naming Dix Mountain and Giant Mountain to the right/north of Mt Marcy.
Ice along the shore of Dead Creek

Its uncomfortable taking pictures near the water, as thin ice is like a fear of heights thing.


  1. Does your camera or phone have GPS? It can be very helpful when trying to georeference a picture. My old camera did, but my newer model of the same camera does not. Apparently because so many phones do? I don't know about that, but maybe your phone has it.
    Thanks for your comment on the spinning wheel post; I really hope the Rescue gets a good price for it, AND a spinner gets a great deal.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I looked on cell phone and found GPS is a free app to download. It looks complicated, and more about navigation than locating. I'll look into an easier program tomorrow. The camera might have GPS but I don't know where to find the setting.
      I wish I had land for a mule or two.

  2. Maywyn awesome photos. You live in a gorgeous spot. Your mountains are so beautiful. So glad you shared. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. Ohio has its beauty as well that never fades from memory. :)


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