17 March 2016

March Thunderstorm

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

March 17th Thunderstorm, 1 PM EDT Looking south; moving east in Addison County Vermont
In the distance a flash of palest yellow among the budding trees is seen. Huh? Lightening? A few seconds later I hear thunder. And a few minutes after that, more thunder.
Western Edge of Thunderstorm looking south, 1 PM EDT 17 March 2016 Addison County Vermont
I look out the window to check the weather when I see the beautiful cloud formations and the rain in the distance. The weather is now blue skies and sunny.

Thunderstorm back edge taken facing south Addison County 17 March 2016 1 PM EDT


  1. Those are TOTALLY SPECTACULAR cloud pictures! I have never seen anything like the second one, it looks as if someone has painted it on the sky!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thank you. The storm's back edge isn't something I've seen very often if ever.

      Your trip to Iceland is Spectacular! I think anyone to scared to go (like me), and only dream of travel to Antarctica or the Arctic would be pleased with Iceland.

  2. Beautiful Photographs.

    1. Hi Gina,
      Thank you. It was by chance I saw the clouds at all. Taking a break from the computer, I took a peek outdoors to see that sky.
      Have a Glorious first week of Spring!


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