21 March 2016

Grackle Nest Building

Grackle looking around on a Monday Morning, Middlebury, Vermont

Grackle hops over to another branch
The prize! A nice twig for  new grackle nest.


  1. This is not too different from the way I collect materials for my little building projects ;)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Sorry the snow down there isn't melting faster.
      As they say location is everything, you on the ground, grackle in the tree tops. I thought at first the bird is looking for bugs. I didn't know it was looking for branches until I uploaded the photos.

  2. Beautiful pictures and what a glorious blue sky
    Have a wonderful week Helenx

    1. Hi Helen,
      I love your story about the netsuke!

      Thank you. I saw the birds flying around before I got out of my car. All the noise caused me to look up, and try to capture the grackle in the photo in flight. Alas, I'm not quick enough.

      Happy Spring & Happy Walking!


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