31 March 2016

Good Bye March

Maple Tree Budding

Hello April in one more day!


  1. Dear Maywyn this is site for sore winter eyes. Looks like spring has made it to your part of the world. Have a super day.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      The photo is from last year. :)
      Good to see something of spring anyway.

  2. I love the way our hill looks just now-it's all misty reddish from maple buds. Soon the white flowering trees will be out. And we still have lilac time to look forward too! Oh! Spring! It truly does give me a fever!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Happy April!
      You sound like you're ready for the warmer weather.
      It was eerie today, the temperature was so warm.
      Have an Adventurous Week-end!

  3. A lovely joyful photograph. It is great when we see definite signs of Spring and know it is really here, the thrill never fails for me.

    ( By the way I posted another comment just before this which disappeared into thin air when I pressed the wrong key somehow. If it did get through, its not complete, so you need not publish it )

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I don't know why Blogspot doubles up comments sometimes. I delete one forever to remove the duplicate. Doubles will sometimes if you click Publish before you sign in. I believe there's also a mystery key on laptops that makes things disappear. :)

      Thank you. I think blossoming trees are interesting subjects to photograph.
      Have a Wonderful Week!

    2. Oh Jenny!
      I watched CNN's Bill Weir's program on Iceland because of your post about your trip to Iceland. What an absolutely fascinating country and culture! Thank you for writing about it.


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