29 March 2016

Large Photographs

Negative aspect with color editing, "Drying Grape," digital photo

Photography grape stems has been quirky delightful over the years. Leaving a bit of grape on adds another avenue of thought. Why does this wrinkled fruit on stem intrigue me? Simply, because the balance feels good to my brain. I especially like how the shadow almost becomes another stem in the background.
Here's the thing...I've been smitten with those large photographs on white walls I see online.  Thus, I've been looking at my own photographs trying to decide if one of them will look good enlarged to a say 38 inches by 48 inches. I ask the question while imagining the large size, "What will the photo say to me?" I ponder how will the voice change with the increase in dimensions. Will the small voice stop, and the big voice take over? Or will the small voice become more powerful?
I'm looking at this photograph as a large framed with Swiss clips and a thin acrylic ban frame underneath. I'm not sure  the colors will remain the same. I need to live with each version before I decide.
"Drying Grape Warm"


  1. Maywyn this sounds like a wonderful idea. I like the top photo because the colors are so peaceful. Isn't it amazing how a certain size of a subject gives one a whole different perspective. Take care. Hugs

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I also like the cool colors better.
    Looking into it, pricing for larger prints can be quite high.
    Have a wonderful week-end!


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