22 March 2016

Broadcast Seeding on a Small Scale

Snapdragon seedlings in a half pie plastic container
Tell me the truth, don't hold back...did I broadcast too many snapdragon seeds?

Will I try to transplant them all, an estimated 200 plus seedlings?
I'm thinking a year of yogurt cups or about 16+ egg crates will be required
to have enough containers for the transplanting. 
I'm thinking a dowel and a few shallow old cake pans will be better. 
I'll save a few out in paper planting pots to make sure what I need survives
the transplanting process. Then I'll ask around after I'm sure enough last
for anyone needing flowers. The local library has a plant sale sometimes. 
The dot is the size of the snapdragon seed.
Seeds saved from white, bright pink and red flowers in 2015


  1. Wow, that's quite a crop you've got there!
    I'm trying to hold off on planting seeds til the end of the month, after looking up the "start indoors X weeks before last frost date" numbers for the plants I'm going to try to start indoors this year. But it's hard waiting! I've bought the potting soil, and the bag catches my eye every time I go out on the porch.
    Good luck with your snapdragons!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I bought seed starter soil. Wow is that stuff dry and fluffy! I was mixing water and soil in a planter (not my brightest idea). Adding water into the bag is much easier. I feel challenged to count every seedling to see how many make it to flower.

      Have a great week!

  2. You certainly have a green thumb. Your crop is prolific. Snapdragons are beautiful.

    Happy Easter
    Helen x

    1. Hi Helen,
      Thank you.
      Have a Happy Easter!


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