02 March 2016

A Word About White

I don't remember a time when I didn't love white bathrooms especially the with small octagon tiles with a sporadic black tile in the design. Over the decades white spread throughout the rooms most in the early 1980s after seeing a magazine photo of a white painted wood ceiling. As I've posted online before...I want the inside lid of my casket to be white painted wood (with little beams scaled to fit the decor). Yes, I like white painted wood.

However, more recently when I see a white room, my heart doesn't light up like it use to. Is it too much of a good thing? Methinks it might just be. So what color next? Vanilla bean, that creamy white with a tint of yellow that melts the mind into summer? Orange? Impact for sure, but only if its the right shade for the natural light in the room. What's next after such a long stretch of white decor? There has to be a color. Something that tip toes out of the white.
I've been thinking of a black accent wall. (Not here because I rent.)* But in the imagination decor a black accent wall. Click on the link to see the Google results....Black accent wall with a majority of white.  l'd like to see more than just the white and black decor.

What do you see as a possible new trend replacing all the white decor? 

* A full sentence inside parenthesis includes the ending punctuation inside the parenthesis.
Part of a sentence inside parenthesis at the end of a sentence, the ending punctuation goes outside the parenthesis.


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