24 February 2016

The Green Leafy

Most of the time I forget lettuce is in the fridge. I've seen far more gone by lettuce in the trash than fresh lettuce on my plate. How to get green leafy vegetables into my menu was a problem. Kale, spinach, mustard greens and such are for a more solid meal and take time to prepare. Lettuce is easy just raw, but salad can also take time to prepare. A solution for me has been to have lettuce with dressing, and leave it at that.
Then I thought...restaurants serve lettuce as garnish all sorts of meals.  Why not do the same?

Whala! An omelet on a bed of lettuce with light dripping of dressing and/or ketchup.

I grew up with ketchup on eggs. I think it might be an East Coast thing.

 The lettuce is almost gone, and to my surprise, the meal feels fancier, and the extra crunch is quite nice.


  1. Sometimes I roll up a slice of cheese in a bunch of romaine leaves - can't get much easier than that. But still, I would probably waste a lot of winter storebought greens if I didn't have poultry! When I buy a package of fresh greens, I share them out between myself and the birds, every day. They don't waste a bit!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I'll give the lettuce and cheese a try. That is easy.
      Stay dry! This rain is better than snow.


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