04 February 2016

Ground Fog

Ground fog water crystals, 3 February 2016 just after 11:30 PM EDT
What is that? Out the window I see one area is clear while a few feet away it looks like smoke. I go outdoors to make sure nothing is on fire. No odor. No apparent source. And as I turn to go back inside, a few feet away from me a large cloud slowly glides by out of the dark. I move onto my backyard deck where the temperature is almost 40ºF. I look up to see stars when I notice the source, big low white clouds, some touching the ground. Ground fog.


  1. I've seen it like white wisps over a field and like a wall of white coming into valleys. Lovely stuff.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Good to see you stopping by. I hope your winter is being kind.
      Have you tried any new recipes?

      Wishing you lots of sunshine and no ice!

    2. It will actually roll through here in Vegas, once in awhile...given the perfect weather conditions. It truly looks like smoke roiling through the street!

    3. Hi Tanya,
      That's exactly the way the fog looked last night.
      Eerie it was (in my best Yoda voice). :)
      I felt a little silly being outdoors that late looking around, smelling the air. lol

      Have a fantastic week-end!


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