11 January 2016

Winter's Weird Weather

In a Vermont January, snapdragons not far from the foundation, and a laundry room vent a few weeks ago have buds on their still green stems. During last night's downpour there was a thunderstorm in the early part of the evening as if winter itself is anxious for spring weather. As long as it snows in the mountains for skiing and spring melt, not having snow isn't a bother for me. I fear, however, winter has more snowfalls planned.
Garden Tip...Place an upside down wire hanging planter covered with a plastic bag and weighed down with a stone over delicate annuals for protection against snow, ice and the snow shovel.


  1. It is such a strange winter. Most countries have reported higher than average temperatures. We'll see whether it gets colder before it starts to warm up again.

    1. Hi Loree,
      There are green lawns like its spring already here. I'm hoping the late start of winter doesn't mean snow in April.
      Have a wonderful week!


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