12 January 2016

Inspiration: Old Books

Winter especially can be a difficult time to feel bright, fresh, and inspired when cold weather limits outdoor exercise, and, makes walking and driving more stressful. There are things to use to fluff up inspiration like knitting with summer colors instead of the winter dark hunter green or changing a room around to inspire creativity.
On my list is looking at old books, preferably sets with pictures. Library sales are a good place to find old books with illustrations for very reasonable prices.
The Old Hedgerow in Snow, digital photo
 Once you find a good source, then consider visiting there at different times for a get out of the house experience. Browse subject areas and the magazine section. There are craft books with covers that might bring a smile. On the way home, stop for a coffee.

The Internet may have more that's available faster, but there's no replacing holding a book that can inspire you without a wait for the pages to load.


  1. Ah Maywyn I am with you on holding a book. I very rarely read on ny kindle. I want to physically turn those pages. Live your winter photo. Looks like here today.

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you. The photo is one of my favorites. There's a light snow falling here now. I hope its not going to be messy.
      I don't own a tablet or Kindle. I'm not ready for the learning it takes to use them. lol
      Enjoy the snow!

  2. I love books. I couldn't live without them. It's like stepping into another world.

    1. Hello Loree,
      Your recent blog post is one I'll remember for a very long time. Wise words.
      Have a wonderful week!


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