24 January 2016

Five Suggestions for Cabin Fever

Like cleaning fans in summer, and making soup in the autumn, things to do for cabin fever winter woes are part of this blog's structure. Yet, this year without much snow around here at this elevation, there hasn't been the chance to feel stuck indoors to rev up the imagination. That's all right with me because I've been gathering ideas since last summer on how to smooth out the blah days.

1. Embrace the weather for all its beauty. From the dip in spirit just before you take a deep breath and exhale into the freezing air, fully experience the joy of an overcast sky, the rhythm of sleet on the window, the dance of frost on the windshield before you scrape it away.

2. Celebrate Summer Hues! Colors are such a mood signal to the mind, I'm beginning to think of wearing pastels in winter instead of summer. Bring flowers into your home. Instead of dark hunter green, go delicate maple flower Chartreuse.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables! Create a new menu. Have a picnic in the park with orange slices, potato salad with black beans, and lentil chips with blue cheese dip. And then get back indoors for a shot of blackberry brandy to honor the Brrr!

4. Bubble baths with lavender. If you don't have a tub, then consider a weekly foot soak with flower petals and scented soap. Check with your doctor first for any health issues.

5. Plan a Mid Summer's Night party scavenger hunt or a summer garden. Planning helps focus the mind outside the dreary blahs. Allowing your thoughts to wander around happy fun images is better than staring at a television.