26 December 2015

Washing Walls & Laundry

Why oh why the day after Christmas, do I feel like washing walls, doing laundry, and putting all the decorations away!? Looking back at last year's holiday photos, I realize in 2015, I didn't take out all the decorations. As I sit here pondering the question, instead of chocolates and/or cheese for breakfast, I'm having Honey Nut Cheerios. The day after Christmas reality in this way is uber adorable.
Ornaments still packed away 2015

Back to the question...Is it, could it be a...Release of tension? Expectation torque? New Year's Nesting? Feeling safer no red suited stranger to worry about stopping by singing Ho Ho Ho? No reindeer on the roof? Is the cleaning up urge the result of a false sense of winter is over and the slide into Spring has begun?

Thankfully, an answer isn't required in order to sort laundry.

Have a Wonderful Week-end!


  1. New Year nesting is a great name for that post Christmas tidy and clean craze! I get it too, but usually on Jan 1st! Wishing you happy days and happy organising!
    Helen xox

    1. Hello Helen,
      Thank you!

      I'm glad it isn't just me. Last night I was moving furniture. lol

      Happy Organising to You!


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