07 December 2015

Reflection Monday December 2015

      Blogging* has changed over the eight years that I've been blogging and reading blogs. The feel for me is there is a more defined gap between more and less. The more move from personal blog to a magazine style appears to be a trend that indicates success. However, there are blogs, in appearance mainly, that start out in the magazine style without the more factor  — followers, high end ads, depth of content.  On the personal end of the blogging range I find less, and that makes sense with the evil in the world today. 

I've learned through blogs that either shift over to their own website or use their own domain name on Blogger will show up on Alexa rankings. Dot Blogspot, like this blog, don't show up on with Alexa rankings.  I believe ranking and analytics are important for the ad income a blog can generate.      

Overall, blogging's health in my view isn't that great because of the obvious to me lack of diversity. Why 90% of the interior design and craft blogs I read, and find, lack diversity is a mystery to me. My definition isn't the only one for blogging health. Divides make sense where styles are concerned. Divides between people doesn't.

*Note, once again Blogger font problem surfaces changing Normal to small or smallest. Its difficult to change the code


  1. Just when I think you've taken a vacation from blogging (you did post that, right?), I find I have missed a most prolific month of blogs from you! :-) Better get reading down this list...Happy Monday, May!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Yes, I was taking a blog break for what I thought was the last week of November not realizing the last week of November is mostly December. lol
      Have a Happy Week!

  2. Wow Maywyn- eight years is a long time. Isn't it true how things do change. Little by little one thing changes and then another. Glad though that some things do not- like the nice people one meets such as you sweet friend. Have a super week. Hugs!

    1. True, Debbie, very true nice people don't change in the blogging world. Glad you found my blog for me to add you to those nice people.
      Hugs to you!


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