24 December 2015

Peace on Earth & Goodwill to All

Wherever you are think of Peace and what you will contribute to your World this New Year.

Please Drive Safely
and Do No Harm

The longest day of the year went by almost unnoticed around here until I read a news article. I go online...check Earthquake activity, the weather and the news in that order. Then, I open this blog and read the updates on the blogs I follow. Sometimes I check email, if I'm not distracted by reading the news. Once in a while a headline catches my attention, but the longest day of the year nearly slipped by. Its a wake up to trying new routines, adding healthier elements like stretching and exercise. While I'm chomping on fruit, I can also be resting from a brisk walk that takes less time than waiting for some news videos to load.

For this post I thought about what photo to post, fun, religious, cute, etcetera.  Ah, I see Spring. The Interstate 89 picture is of New Hampshire last April 2015 driving south to Massachusetts. The spring melt along the interstate is spectacular, but not easy to photograph from a moving vehicle. I believe it is Not safe to stop to take photos on a major highway or road.

I'm thinking going forward, looking back, and what the holidays have become in my older age years. There was a time when alcohol was a large part of the season with bottles being given as gifts, always the toast with guests, the office party, and such. That era of American social history  accepted being drunk, buzzed, lit, tipsy, wasted, and so on as a normal. Its not normal. Normal is celebrating with a glass of two in moderation. If you attend a party at a dry house, then be dry. And, remember, just because a person drinks, doesn't mean they're a drunk. Don't ride that prejudice wagon.

Alcoholism is a horrible disease that I am very grateful I never fell prey to by any measure.
I have great sympathy and compassion for those that have.
If you need help, then please, reach out to resources in your community.

If you think of the holidays as time to hit the bottle, then consider another perspective like going ice skating, sledding, singing songs, volunteering, dancing, baking, playing Monopoly (without getting upset you didn't get to buy all the railroads). There is a lot a person can do to make the holidays special, a hot toddy, Scotch neat or nice glass of wine doesn't have to be thee go to activity. 

Please, think of 2016 as the year you Respect yourself 
in a ways that do no harm to yourself and others.

2016 Peace Matters


  1. Great thoughts Maywyn. May 2016 bring peace. Merry Christmas!


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