02 December 2015

Holiday Decorating: The Star

The star is a versatile decorating motif that goes well with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, parties or for the mere seeing a star in your personal environment.
Recently reading the article about the uphlosterer, Laure Pelé on Sharon Santoni's blog, My French Country Life, I wide eye on a wooden five point three dimensional star in the third photograph by author, Sebastion Siraudeau, from his book, New Vintage French Interiors
A quest! I search the Internet for how to make such a beautiful star. From those search results I change keywords that bring me to a website with instructions for how to make a paper five point 3D star. The easiest are on the blog, Craft Thyme. The folding instructions are done with text and photographs. I made a star on the first try.

What about wood? My geometry-Not brain sees angles. Shiver me ruler! A good brain exercise...I can make a paper model to measure the angles in the sizes I want for the materials I have on hand, scraps and old picture frames. This is going to take serious aroma therapy dealing with the math. Now where’s my compass?

Blogging is wonderful and so are those stars!


  1. Serious aroma therapy for the math LOL! Does it help? I'll have to try it :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Aroma therapy to help calm the brain, not increase the intelligence. :)
      After I posted this, I realize I might have to make a 3D model if I don't find the angles on paper or the Internet.
      For the challenge, I'm going to try good old 2 dimensional paper first.

    2. Serious aroma therapy for math...wish I had thought of that back in high school Plane Geometry!!! The star ROCKS!!!

    3. Hi Tanya,
      I have a dollar discount jar of scented beads, Glade plug in oil, and a few car refreshers in various places around the rooms. You have to be standing right next to them to detect any aroma. Its amazing how a little pick me up cinnamon scent doesn't last. Yet, a dab of patchouli oil will follow a person around through sleet, snow, and hurricanes.

      My high school geometry professor told me the only reason he was giving me a passing grade is because he knew I did the work. I didn't know about dyslexia thing in those days.

  2. This is lovely-I'm going to make one too...

    1. Hi Debbie,
      They are fun to make. Have a great week!


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