14 December 2015

Holiday Chilling Out

Shopping. Gift Lists. Parties. Whatever you're doing this holiday season, if you are out and about you know that traffic can be heavy in places. People have things on their mind, and don't always pay attention every second. Its that second can be scary out there as well as when you have one yourself.

What to do when you encounter someone who isn't paying attention, cutting you off or driving too fast...Remain Calm! I sometimes beep the horn as a caution. If there's no reaction and the person keeps on going, then I try to safely hang back. That is a person I don't want to be driving near. Being cut off can sometimes be an innocent mistake. It doesn't matter to me why. It matters that an accident doesn't happen. If there's a car that wants to pass, then I try to safely give them room. I'll slow and pull over a bit where it is Safely possible.

Parking is another matter. If you miss a space, then find another. The one parking issue I have is when you follow a person to their car, put on your turn signal, wait for them to pull out, and somebody speeds into the space in front of you! That is major evil rude nasty bad driving.  There are people that will do that. Again, Remain as calm as you possibly can. If  you know a car is waiting for your space, then when safely possible, pull out in the direction that makes it impossible for the person waiting to be cut off.

Commit to No Road Rage. Swearing is another matter. Its difficult in the privacy of your vehicle to not use swearing as a relaxation technique during unpleasant situations. Giving the other driver a hand signal cursing, is easy to not do because BOTH hands belong on the wheel. It may take effort, but you can do it. Hands on the Wheel!

Please Don't Drink & Drive
Don't Drive when taking heavy medication
Have a Safe Driving Holiday Season


  1. The worst of the worst these days, is texting while driving. I just cannot believe it when I a mother with a carload of children, texting away. OR TRUCKERS on the highway, OR the girl that sideswiped our van, infuriating. I do wish they would give out very expensive tickets for this dangerous habit. It is a good thing my husband does most of the driving, he stays more calm than I.

    1. Hi Jeri,
      I agree, texting is dangerous. I don't know what people are thinking when they do that.
      Enjoy your baby ducklings! They are precious, a real gift. I look forward to learning what names you'll give them.

  2. Ah this is great advice. I liken driving to any other action- practice patience and "turn the other cheek" . Or should I say the other fender. LOL - hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Fender is good :)
      Your Christmas decoration post has inspired me to finish up things around here. Thank you!
      Hugs and Jingle Bells!

  3. I've been too close to this stuff lately-a couple of scary times when people were not being careful-I could have been hurt or killed. I saw someone texting and driving-they actually head their head totally down-not looking up at all-coming our way on a highway. disgusting.

    1. Hi Debra,
      I'm glad you are safe. Its very stressful to be in a near accident situation. I don't know how a person can push their face into a cell phone while driving. I can barely figure the thing out sitting at my table.
      Stay Safe and have a great week!


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