21 December 2015

Favorite Chips

Tomato Basil Lentil Chips
There will never be a time in my life when I don't like potato chips the best. Wise is my life time favorite brand because of their robust flavor, especially the dark almost burned chips.

A favorite sandwich of mine is made with bread, dill or sweet pickle juice, and potato chips. I will have crunched potato chips in pickle juice even without the bread. Whether or not the pickle juice will be good with veggie chips doesn't feel like a good thing to try, but I might.

However, this past year I've been leaning towards the veggie chip market beginning with the Lentil Chips! They are harder to crunch with an interesting flavor. They don't upset my stomach, I believe, because the ingredients don't include soy oil or other types of soy.

A veggie chip I also like are the Spinach and Kale whole grain gluten free chips by The Better Chip, Los Angeles, California, product of México. They are round and great for the heavier dips that require a sturdy dipping chip. I coat mine with a smooth ranch dressing to soften them up.
Recently I found another lentil chip, (different than the first I tried that I forget the name of), at of all places TJMaxx, the Tomato Basil Lentil Chips by The Daily Crave, Folsom, California, Made in USA. They are made with lentil, rice and corn flour with no soy.

If you like a substance such as bread in your meals and snacks, then veggie chips might satisfy that need. You can also crunch up the veggie chips to spread on salad for added texture and taste. I'm thinking about trying out a quiche crust using lentil chips. That will be interesting.

Please, share if you have a favorite chip and/or ways to use them.


  1. Did you ever visit the little Granite State Potato Chip Company, now sadly gone? It was the "surprise" destination of my family's "Mystery Rides" on a weekend. Vivid memories!

    1. Hello Quinn,
      Sorry to say I haven't been to the Granite State Potato Chip Company. It sounds like one of those businesses that's good for somebody to revive. The name is wonderful.

      There was a Cain's Potato Chip factory not far from Boston that had a window in the front where you could see production. I think we use to go by there on the way to or in Revere.

      Have a Happy Holiday Week!

  2. Dear Maywyn those tomato lentil chips sound good. I have never tried them. Will have to put this on my list of things to try in the new year. Wishing you friend a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year! Hugs

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Hugs and a wonderful Christmas and New Year to You & Yours!
      The list gets longer the foods to try with every blog I read. For sure the New Year will be interesting. :)


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